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Conventional English Kitchen Designs

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Conventional English Kitchen Designs

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Traditional English Cooking area Design idea

Plain English are traditionalists. They make kitchen areas the old fashioned way, by hand. Larders and laundries, sculleries and storerooms;   rooms defined by the pride of utility, crafted from the best possible components and infused with an unique feeling of style,   kitchens begin with £ 25, 000.

“ We established Simple English in 1992, first establishing shop in an old tannery and later in a rather grand Georgian farmhouse deep in the Suffolk country. As the business grew we progressively converted outbuildings, barns and stalls into workshops and design companies. It’ s where we nevertheless make all our cupboards plus kitchens today. And it’ h often the re-imagining of life within this old building in its heyday – a life of genteel plus bohemian aristocracy – that structures much of the inspiration for our function. The plain Georgian architecture, the straightforward domesticity and of course, a very English desire for nature, with the weather and the periods drifting across the landscape. Our visual references the values of the previous and gently evolves to accept the modern ways we live today. In 2012 we launched British Regular Cupboards our online sister organization, selling off the peg cupboards, set up and ready to fit for anywhere in the house. ”

Katie Fontana, Creative Director   &   Tony Niblock, Managing Movie director

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